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The documentary film "graines d'alpage" (52min) has just been finalised.

see below the link for the trailer (2')


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FRIDAY JULY 30, 2021

IMG_2174 (1).jpg have just produced a series of postcards (12x12cm) inspired by the Bouvier/Grinda collection. They can be purchased at the gallery rue Cagnoli - Saint Martin Vesubie

film online since Friday, September 13 (6 min)

Refuge de Longon September 2019

"hikers give their opinion on the refuge de Longon, which is subject of a renovation plan in 2020

youtube link



august 3rd 2019 - opening in Saint Martin Vesubie

of the shop "edition production la bergère"








introduction to the Bouvier/Grinda collection

In 1998, after several years of living in Australia, I was in my village of Saint Martin Vésubie. It was at this moment that I discovered the colossal photographic work of F. Bouvier. He was a very close friend of my family and at his death this photographic collection became our property. My father Jean Grinda gave me this fund covering 60 years of the last century. My experience as a filmmaker immediately gave me the assurance that I was facing a mountain of beauty and authenticity.

20 years have passed since then, the 2000s with their sensational procession where I found myself living in Hong Kong. Today’s permanent return to my village, F.Bouvier’s photographic collection with its thousands of documents

unfolds every day and is reaching maturity. Glass plates, autochromes, slides, films... are vectors of truth, by those represented and the purity of the frames.

With my friend Sandrine Rogeri and her son Calixte, today we are giving the real start to this collection and many I think will be the supports that will follow from this magnificent photo fund within the publishing production and the store the A.L.P in Saint Martin Vésubie.

Eric Grinda







The Longon refuge is managed by the Rogeri family. It is located in Haute Tinée, directly on the GR5 route which crosses Europe from North to South. The refuge of Longon is the passage between the mountains of the north of the Alps and the Mediterranean. Many hikers walk for dozens of days along the GR5. Between Amsterdam and Menton it takes about 90 days of walking. Some of these hikers are attracting attention. With Sandrine Rogeri we decided to interview some of them.


Mimi Allin is the first to be filmed. Here below is the link to the movie (VO).

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