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Many photos made

in winter mainly l

winter sports, in groups or alone.

Clothing and equipment.

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Series of photos covering mountain activities during the summer: climbing, hiking. Many peaks, mineral view, refuges, lakes. (glass plates, autochromes)

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Views of a large number of mountain and country villages. Roofs, streets, walls, monuments and surroundings are in the spotlight.


Large series of photos representing  people of all ages in a large number of situations and activities: shepherds, hunters, families, hikers, peasants… (glass plates - autochromes)

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Many views taken in the area  including sea, mountains, coastal towns, flowers, bridges, people walking. (glass plates - autochromes)

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Sports action images taken from life during the 1930s: climbing - ski racing - ski jumping ...

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Series of photos representing people in original activities or places: eg collective prayers to Madonna des Fenêstres, woman hunting ... (glass plates - autochromes)

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This series is composed of particular images including  photos of the destruction caused by the bombings of the 2nd world war (glass plates - autochromes)

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The Bouvier / Grinda collection consists of several thousand photographs.  


The first date from the 1920s and the most recent from the 1970s, glass plates, autochromes, slides are the main media.

"edition production la bergère" is located at 46 rue du Docteur Cagnoli in Saint Martin Vésubie. Prints from the Bouvier / Grinda Fund can be purchased there as well as postcards and posters.

The Bouvier / Grinda collection is divided into 8 categories: see below.


You are interested in using one or more of these photos. Contact us, to receive a selection of photos.


Depending on your need and the desired use, a suitable quote will be sent to you.

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